in the exhibition "100 Jahre Bauhaus"at the
Bauhaus Dessau foundation; video 5:50 min;
jackets, installation; 2018

intentional alexithymia

intentional alexithymia; video 9:37 min;
ice cube; 2019



lim; video 7:23 min;
orthosis; 2019


"Systemgarderobe"; video 3:50 min;
jackets, installation; 2018

cellular interference

cellular interference; video 17:10 min;
several objects; 2018


swimming; video 2:21 min;
gelatin bubble; 2018

Im Zeichen der Gänsehaut

"Im Zeichen der Gänsehaut"; video 0:25 min;
in-line skates; 2018

six hours

six hours; video 9:49 min;
latex bubble, fishnet; 2016


Zurechnung; video 2:32 min;
styrofoam, candles; 2017


Abrechnung; video 2:10 min;
candles acrylic glas; 2016


Zerrechnung; video 1:32 min;
wax feed, stone candle; 2015

through the swarm

through the swarm; video 0:56 min;
flypaper with insects, coconut hair; 2015

washing hands with insects

washing hands with insects; video 1:00 min;
washbasin, fly screen, cockroaches, grilles; 2015